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I think you probably forgot Momoka but still agree with you :D Thanks for this great crossover!

hmmmm no i didn’t forget her xD
I definitely can imagine her as Chief but…. if i imagine Moral as Makishima i think Momoka would more likely be by his side (helping Moral to change the world and entertaining herself lol). So she’s more like Choe Gu-sung for me. At least that’s how i see her in this crossover :D

You’re very welcome! ^O^ Glad you like it.

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I really love your Psychotora Crossovers! I really hope you do more they are really great.

OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!(๑>◡<๑) Your message is inspiration and motivation for me to draw more of this crossover^^
And of course there will be more! Thank you^^

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You are absolutly amazing!! Your drawing skills are so good they are off the charts :D I want autograph!! Also, im new to tumblr and I wanted to send u a message but on my phone I can only ask you qu's so what is your top 3 fav. Animes and characters

THANK YOU! (๑>◡<๑) i’m really flattered, so happy you like my drawings ^O^


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