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Holy guacamole!! Your drawings are amazing *___*

Omg thank you so so soooo much!! >3<

Omg omg 100 followers! Thank you so much!! ^O^

Changed Hajime/Nice scene from Re: 09 into NiceArt one >__<
don’t ask me why i did this =___=

I just need more Murasaki with a gun…please…
Bby, please, just don’t use it to shoot Aato anymore, okay? T^T

I wanted to draw him without glasses, but… nope. Murasaki isn’t Murasaki without them ^^

Hey, do you feel like you want to live right now?

Listen to Hikari unplugged while drawing this was the worst decision in my life…
I keep wondering, what if Art heard how Nice screamed?..

Are you ready for Re:06? :D

I really like your artworks. Can I share them on facebook? I will credit your name and link to your tumblr. I am looking forward for your reply and thanks for reading my message.

Asked by melea-3k

Thank you so much! I’m happy that you liked them^^
And yes, if you credit me, then you can share them :)

Because we know who is the real king :D

Nice is like “what are you doing on my throne, bby? =___=” xDDD

Blame this official art ^^’